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Features Of A Florida Luxury Home

by Paradise Home Finders, LLC 05/15/2019

When you live in the Florida sunshine, you need the luxury to go along with it. As technology gets better, so too does luxury living. It’s all about lifestyle under the palm trees. The more luxury amenities a Florida home has, the higher its value. These homes are seen as a premium in the Florida real estate markets. Here, we’ll look at some of the most desirable Florida luxury home features.

A Smart Home Is A Happy Home

Sellers are super smart to have “smart” homes. New technologies allow homeowners to control the inner workings of their house from anywhere in the world. With a smartphone, a homeowner can control everything from the heating and cooling system to the door locks and the watering of the lawn. The smart home is the ultimate convenience and a sure sign of luxury. 

Outdoor Living

If you live in Florida, you’re going to spend a great deal of time outdoors. Consider the following features in your Florida luxury home:

  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Firepit
  • Easy access to the outdoors from the house
  • Sliding doors
  • Outdoor seating area

The living space should be both indoors and out in a Florida luxury home. Think of the entire property as a continuous living space. 

Entertainment Options

Luxury homes in Florida have a variety of entertainment options including in-home movie theaters, game room, basketball courts, and more. Some homeowners even choose to have their sports bar right in the house. Use your imagination and a luxury home in Florida probably has it.   

Home Gym

It’s nice not to have to leave your house to go to the gym. That’s why luxury homes have gyms built into them, complete with wall mounted flat screen TVs. Whatever workout equipment is essential will b present in the home gym. 

A Stocked Kitchen

A luxury home should have a gourmet kitchen. That means the kitchen is complete with warming drawers, a wine refrigerator, the highest quality appliances, and a walk-in pantry. 

An Out Of The Ordinary Bathroom

Bathrooms in luxury homes include everything you'd find in a spa including heated toilets, steam showers, heated floors, and towel warmers. These bathrooms also include natural elements to make it homey like wood and stone. Some luxury bathrooms will even add a fireplace. 

Luxury homes provide an escape from the outside world. The ironic thing is that luxury homes offer so many amenities that there’s little need to leave them! All of the above features will help to sell a Florida luxury home quickly.